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AquaLine Services Pvt Ltd is a Pakistani company providing complete water treatment solutions, equipment, chemicals, and application services for industries such as pulp & paper, sugar, and alcohol/ethanol distilleries. Our expertise include specialty chemicals for water treatment specialty chemicals for paper & sugar industries, polyelectrolytes & maintenance chemicals, RO, DM, ETP & water softening plants, pumps for chemicals & controllers, high pressure & chemicals handling pumps, DuPont membranes & resins, flowmeters and rotameters.

Water Treatment Technologies


AquaLine Services Pvt Ltd is manufacturing / importing advanced & scientifically formulated water treatment chemicals to the highest international quality and environmental standards for guaranteed performance. AquaLine Services Pvt Ltd’ water treatment products are used in most demanding commercial, municipal and industrial process environments to improve productivity, optimize performance and reduce life-cycle costs.

Pulp & Paper Chemistry

Amazon Papyrus is a leading supplier to the Pulp and Paper Industry in Asia. AquaLine Services Pvt Ltd supply Process Solutions to many of the world class mills in the region. The complete package includes quality service to ensure that the best products are added in the right areas to your system at the optimum dose rates. You get ‘state-of-the-art’ equipment systems designed for reliability, safety and ease-of-use.

Dosing & Control Equipment

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We are supplying high performance dosing pumps, meters and control equipment by etatron, designed and engineered to highest quality standards for performance & efficiency. AquaLine Services Pvt Ltd’ control equipment is used extensively in a wide range of demanding commercial, industrial and process applications where reliability, accuracy, and long term performance are essential.

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We represent in Pakistan some of the world’s largest companies of water treatment chemicals & equipment.
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We are dedicated to providing the best possible experience for our customers, and we take pride in our reputation for quality and reliability.

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What is happening by AquaLine Services Pvt Ltd day-by-day. Find news & updates of company's activities struggling to serve customers better.
UAN Number

Our Company’s New UAN Number

AquaLine Services Pvt Ltd in now reachable through a Universal Access Number (UAN*) without dialing an area code from the entire Pakistan. Reach Us by

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