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Canpure EDI, UF, MF, MBR

Canpure EDI, UF, MF, MBR

Based on the traditional EDI technology, revolutionary innovation is carried out to the internal structure of Canpure EDI Module with counter-current full-packing technique adopted, which broadens the water supply requirements of EDI, features simple operation and results in low operating costs.

Water Softening Plants

No Salt Injection

Canpure EDI does not consume salt and recycle the concentrate in operation, which saves much expense and makes the system much simpler.

Counter Current

Concentrate and electrolyte stream are flowing into EDI in opposite directions to feed water can avoid fouling effectively, then it broadens the feed water limit adequately.

Low Energy Consumption

Canpure EDI filled with resin reduces the EDI module resistivity significantly, which reduces the energy consumption largely.

High Quality Materials & Components

High quality ion-exchange membrane and appropriate degree of resin compaction make the EDI work effectively.

Simple Arrangement, Installation, Operation & Electricity Safety

Easier to array modules side-by-side on a skid. The power connector of Canpure EDI is waterproof.

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Electrical Specification

  • The requirements of DC power used in EDI systems, including ripple and current control, are quite unique. To meet these requirements, Canpure has specially designed DC power units for EDI using IGBT technology.
  • Digital display
  • High frequency, high efficiency, high PF (power factor), high reliability.
  • Low ripple, low noise and small foot print.
  • Individually controlled.


  • Advanced boiler feed water desalination
  • Purified water for petrochemical and chemical purposes
  • Purified water for biochemical and pharmaceutical purposes
  • Purified water for electronic industry
  • Purified water for laboratories
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