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Engineering Solutions by AquaLine Services Pvt Ltd

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Reverse Osmosis Systems

Manufacturing of Reverse Osmosis Systems is a fast growing business of AquaLine Services Pvt Ltd. Hundreds of R.O. plants, with capacity upto 150 m3/hr, have been successfully installed in many industries all over Pakistan. In recent years company has achieved many milestones in this field. AquaLine Services Pvt Ltd has best team of professionals for all aspects of plants from designing to commissioning.

  • Sea & brackish water reverse osmosis systems
  • High quality R.O. Components from USA / Europe
  • High quality corrosion resistant material of construction
  • High pressure pumps by USA / Europe
  • Suitable for continuous and heavy duty operations
  • Low capital and operational costs
  • Compact space-saving construction
  • Production of high quality drinking water for villas, restaurants & bottling plants
  • Complete automation of the operating systems
  • Completely portable units in containers available on request

AquaLine Services Pvt Ltd also deals in:

  • Membrane Cleaning (CIP) Chemicals
  • Antiscale and biocide for R.O. plants
  • Chlorination and dechlorination Chemicals
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Water Softening Plants

Water Softening Plant is an equipment that removes hardness/scale causing salts from hard water. It is achieved by ion-exchange technique. Normally, strong Cation Exchange resins are used in water softening plants. These resins remove all Calcium (Ca++) & Magnesium (Mg++) salts that cause scale in water systems.

  • Suitable solution for low  TDS Water
  • Complete removal of calcium and magnesium
  • Suitable for low-pressure boilers
  • Suitable for cooling towers
  • Very cost-effective and simple in operation
  • With manual and automatic operation (Optional)
  • With metallic or FRP vessels (Optional)
  • With high quality cation resin
  • With quality parts from Europe / USA

Demineralization Plants

D.M. plants remove all salts by ion exchange technique. This is achieved by using two columns of ion exchangers simultaneously i.e., cation & anion beds. Some special plants may have both (i.e., cation & anion) resins in one column as mixed bed column.

AquaLine Services Pvt Ltd has designed, installed and commissioned a number of Water Softening Plants and D.M. Plants, with capacity up to 150 m3/hr, in last few years. The performance of these water treatment plants has been proven excellent.

  • Suitable for high pressure boilers
  • Can achieve water quality of 0.01 µS/cm
  • With manual and automatic operation (optional)
  • With metallic or FRP vessels (Optional)
  • With high quality anion and cation resin
  • With quality parts from Europe / USA
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Effluent Treatment Plants

AquaLine Services Pvt Ltd is also involved in designing, installation and commissioning of Effluent Treatment Plants (ETP) in the last few years. The performance of these water treatment plants has been proven excellent. AquaLine Services Pvt Ltd also has a complete range of treatment chemicals for effluent treatment plants.