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Flow Meters & Rota Meters

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Flow Meters & Rota Meters

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Flowmeters encompass a wide range of flow options. With the capability to be installed both vertically and horizontally, flowmeters is versatile in installations where new or preexisting piping structures can be tight or inconvenient.
The remote mount display allows for panel, wall or pipe mounting, to easily view the digital LCD screen.
Flowmeters are easy to install and operate, resulting in a very low overall cost of ownership. Relatively low cost paddlewheel style electronic flowmeters are proof that high cost doesn’t always mean better value.

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METITO offers a full line of RO chemicals that are compatible with all types of membranes, with approvals and  accreditations  from  market  leading  membrane  manufacturers  as  well  as  the  NSF  Standard  60 certification. The chemicals METITO offer are highly effective at low dose rates in a wide range  of  feedwater  types  (brackish, seawater,  fresh),  and  across  the  whole  pH spectrum. The chemicals are also compatible with  polyelectrolytes.  METITO also  offers,  green  chemistries  with  full biodegradation,  but  zero  biofouling potential.